OUR Story & Vision
Our story started in 2017 at a co-living at Gran Canaria, a famous nomadic destination. Three people with different backgrounds but countless travel experiences united to make epic adventures by nomads for nomads.
We strongly believe that traveling is a key to cross-cultural understanding, which leads to personal education and growth. In our trips, we focus on local experiences and sustainable travel, choosing trains as a main means of transportation.
First Digital Nomad Group
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30 people from 17 countries comprise the first ever Digital Nomad group
on the Trans-Siberian Railway
Digital Nomad Groups & Solo Trips
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10 people from 8 countries join Digital Nomad groups
Educational Experience development
2 Edu Trips, Digital Nomad Groups & Solo Trips
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xEducational Trans-Siberian Experence for INDA [Chulalongkorn University] and MIT-Russia program [Massachusetts Institute of Technology] students studying architecture
Postponed: 3 Educational Experience Trips, 2 Digital Nomad Groups, Solo Trips
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Maria Sirotkina
Serial entrepreneur and the founder of the ReStation co-living and co-working space in Gran Canaria.
Olga Isaeva
CEO Nomad Train
Entrepreneur, co-founder of Van Bureau. Organizes events in Europe and Russia. Visited 40 countries, born in Saint Petersburg.
Daniel Heitz
Digital nomad with over 10 years of experience. Daniel's mission is to turn traveling into a fun game with Urban Challenger app.
Types of experiences
Digital nomad tours
We offer private and group trips for digital nomads (remote workers). Our main product unites people interested in both traveling on the Trans-Siberian railway and working remotely at the same time.
Thematic expeditions
On train yoga, illustration camps — we do that as well. Using our main route and product, we can change the topic of the trip and enjoy a variety of on train experiences.
Edu Expeditions
We offer educational and field trips in collaboration with universities.
We have worked with MIT and INDA students.
Who travels with us
From USA, Germany, Netherland. People from 17 countries traveled with us. Age - from 22 to 66, majority are 35-45 y.o., 70/30 men/women.

We work with private groups starting from 2 people. These TA is interested at Trans-Siberian experience, Russia, slow train travel.

Student groups, worked with MIT and INDA university. We also got a request from the largest Scandinavian tour company — Kilroy to make trips for their gap year students.